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About Us

Queensland Meat Group was founded in 2012 by Rommel and Olivia Stewart.  We realised there was a desperate need to create a meat processing company in Brisbane that was different to the big names; that could offer its clients customised services and products without a huge minimum order, huge price tag and process their stock to their specifications, whether it be for commercial sale or private use.

Queensland Meat Group dedicates its time to building a product that their client can be proud of and is consistent with the dietary requirement of their consumer.  We prefer to deal in locally farmed products, ingredients and is strictly compliant to Safefoods Queensland Guidelines.

Our Services

Queensland Meat Group has a large product repertoire covering all cuts of, beef, lamb, pork, chicken and value added lines. What we do that is different from most processors is that we listen!  We listen to your needs and create products that suits your business, your lifestyle and your dietary requirements.

If paddock to plate is your flavour we can arrange for you to meet the farmer and personally select your product.  We take pride in knowing exactly where our produce comes from and the people that farm it.  This is what sets us aside from the rest: real, honest traceability.

Queensland Meat Group consults with farmers that have produced cattle, which they would like to sell commercially, but are not sure how to process and present it to the public. We can assist in processing and designing products that suits their market, selecting various packaging materials and ensuring food safety compliance from start to finish.

Why Queensland Meat Group

For Farmers

Queensland Meat Group can organise the kill and logistics of your beast and deliver it back to you, packaged, labeled and portion cut.  Value-added products can be created to stimulate your taste buds and add a different dimension to just the usual eating. Queensland Meat Group respects the life (of the beast) that is sacrificed for our benefit and ensures that we generate a high yield value out of the carcass.  This is made possible by utilising modern processing techniques that have been learned by Rommel over an extensive career in the meat industry.

To complement our services we prefer to collaborate with Highchester Meats – Glen Eagle for our kills.  We do not pretend to know what we are doing with the slaughter of your beast.  However we consult the best in the industry to provide that service and Highchester works alongside us to ensure that Queensland Meat Group still maintains an element of control over your product.

Wholesale to the Public

Queensland Meat Group extends its services to businesses in the food industry that are in search of quality meats, tailored products and service to match.  Rommel has had many years experience in wholesaling to some of Brisbane’s most prestigious boarding schools, nursing homes and fine dining restaurants. No matter how big or small your business,Queensland Meat Group will always strive to go beyond your expectations.

Our services are also available to the public on order.  Whether your entertaining guests and require a value added roast to impress or you have a food allergy and require a product that you can trust and is flavoursome. We can cater for your specific needs and arrange delivery.

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